Seismic Isolation Rubber

Seismic Rubber Bearings 

Seismic Rubber Bearings / Rubber Bearing Plate is one of earthquake isolator Bearing types. Sticking its’ main structure multi-storey thin rubbers and steel planes layer by layer can make its’ pad close together. Let lead be pressed into the central hole of bearing and inlay it between steel and rubber layers. Layer by layer rubber can isolate earthquake because it can provide vertical bearing and elasticity and supple ability of horizon direction. . It contains many functions combining bearing and earthquake isolator perfectly.

Rubber Bearing High Damper

Rubber Bearing High Damper

Seismic Rubber Bearings /rubber bearing plate is made from layers of rubbers sandwiched together with layers of steel. ” On top and bottom, the bearing is fitted with steel plates which are used to attach the bearing to the building and foundation. The bearing is very stiff and strong in the vertical direction, but flexible in the horizontal direction.

The bearings pad are designed to be very stiff and strong forvertical load, so that they can carry the weight of the building. However, they are designed to be much weaker for horizontal loads, so that they can move sideways during an earthquake.

bearing pads

bearing pads

What Type the Structure are use The Seismic Rubber Bearing / Rubber Seismic Isolator :
Hospitals, Bridges and Emergency centers that require operation during and immediately after an Earthquake
structure with valuable contents or operation such as : data centers, communications facilities, high-tech manufacturing and museum
Buildings with high occupancy such as low to – medium rise residences and office buildings
Historic structure, etc
The Gada` s Seismic Rubber Bearing is available with a range of Rubber properties from low damping rubber to a high damping rubber .


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