Elastomeric Bearing Pads

 Bearings Pads are used mainly for bridges and buildings

Elastomeric Bearing Pads (Elastomer Jembatan, Rubber Bridge Bearings) are used extensively in the construction industry today. Although Elastomeric Bearing Pad / Rubber Bridge Bearings are more widely used in bridge construction, but currently the use of Elastomeric Bearing Padexist in many applications where structural support is flexible and / or vibration isolation is required. elastomeric bearings can absorb horizontal movements in every direction and rotational movements around every axis through elastic deformation, thereby allowing forces to be transferred safely from one structural component to another.

They permit beam rotation at the bearing point due to deflection or misalignment. They absorb vibration and prevent sound transfer, while reducing the destructive action of vibration between movable and stationary structural members. They also provide for movement caused by normal expansion and contraction.

Rubber Bridge Pad

Rubber Bridge pad

Typical applications in the use of Elastomeric Bearing Pad, among others:

bridge structure,prestressed and precast concrete buildings,concrete construction,garage parking,walkways,storage tanks as anti vibration rubber pad,support boilers,support machine,pump machine,etc

Gada Bina Usaha Elastomeric Bearing Pads offered to perform the

following functions :

* Expenses vertical support with minimum deflection

* Horizontal movement with minimal resistance

* Reducing the adverse impacts due to shrinkage and temperature changes

* Minimizing rotational movement with minimal resistance

Specification Elastomeric Bearings Pads (Elastomer Jembatan) for the standard dimensions and tolerances specified by the standard
SNI 03-3967-2008 (Indonesian) Specification of type placement Bridge Elastomeric Plain and Laminate Type
AASHTO M 251-04 (Standard Specification for Plain and laminated Elatomeric Bridge bearings), elastomeric bearings consist of vulcanised elastomeric blocks, reinforced by two or more steel sheets. The vulcanised reinforcing layers of highstrength steel sheeting are fully enclosed in elastomer to ensure absolute corrosion protection and complete freedom from maintenance.

Elastomeric Bearings Bearing Pads can be produced with a Shore A hardness of the following:

* 50 durometer
* 55 durometer
* 60 durometer

Material of  Elastomeric Bearing Pads

We offer our clients, a wide range of rubber bridge bearing pads that is manufactured using superior quality steel plates and rubber. These are also manufactured with various optional material including medium, high or commercial grade neoprene or other rubber compound material.

Elastomeric Bearing Pads

Elastomeric Bearing Pads


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